Developers: Why remote work is the new norm

86% of developers said they currently work remotely in some capacity, according to a DigitalOcean report.

Why employees are sick of cities and want to work remotely

Remote work and flexible schedules are the way of life for most global businesses, and developer jobs are heading in the same direction, according to a DigitalOcean report released on Wednesday. 

The report characterized remote work as "the new normal," with 86% of the 4,500 developers surveyed globally saying they currently work remotely in some way. Of the responses who said they do not work remotely at all, the majority (62%) said it is because their company doesn't allow it. 

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Remote work provides a bevy of benefits, for both employers and employees. Employers, get a larger talent pool and lower turnover rates. Research has shown employees are more productive when able to work in environments of their choosing.  

Some 43% of developers cited the option to work remotely as a must-have when considering a company's offer, and 53% of respondents said they would think less of a company that doesn't offer any remote work options, the report found. 

A stereotype exists about remote workers feeling isolated or disconnected from their work teams, the report said, but 71% of respondents said they feel very connected to their company's community when working remotely. Advances is workplace collaboration tools and cloud computing have led the charge in improved communication between long-distance employees. 

Remote work has drastically improved work-life balance for employees, the report found, which is a big reason the trend has become a norm. Remote employees said this working style reduces the stress of commuting (77%), provides the ability to work from wherever they want to live (75%), and allows them to care for children or family members (56%). 

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