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It’s never easy when a valued employee leaves a company. But that’s exactly what employees are doing.

TechRepublic contributor Esther Shein reported in the article “As the Great Resignation accelerates, execs scramble to address the labor shortage” that “Fifteen percent of American workers said they have switched employers since the start of the pandemic, while nearly half of all workers are actively searching for or considering looking for a new job, according to Prudential’s ‘Pulse of the American Worker Survey.'”

Compensation, flexibility, benefits and burnout are just some of the reasons why an employee may quit a job. 

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In the TechRepublic article “How your organization can avoid falling prey to the Great Resignation,” writer Brandon Vigliarolo cited data from a study conducted by Workforce Logiq (WFQ). The study, titled “U.S. Talent Shortage: How Organizations Can Adapt and Thrive in a Changing Environment,” said that “more workers are quitting their jobs than at any time in at least two decades.”

As Vigliarolo points out, “IT professionals are also quitting at high levels,” adding that, “The report states that IT teams have become accustomed to remote work, and will quit if employers don’t allow that flexibility to continue.”

Further, the report cited that 31% of developers are quitting “because they are not given challenging work, they are getting paid below the market rate or they work on badly managed teams.”

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Offboarding an IT staff member requires careful attention to detail, as the employee’s accounts, services and permissions need to be disabled. Due to the complexity of offboarding tasks, it’s easy to overlook important steps that may impact company security.

Conversely, when onboarding a new IT employee, the proper accounts, applications, services and permissions must be assigned to them. Not doing so also may impact company security and the employee’s ability to do their job.

A checklist template, like Checklist: Onboarding and offboarding IT staff from TechRepublic Premium, ensures that essential onboarding and offboarding tasks for IT staff aren’t skipped or accidentally overlooked. Users can adapt or customize the checklist for their organization. The checklist is free for TechRepublic Premium subscribers.

While the Great Resignation of 2021 is magnifying labor shortages across industry sectors like tech, there’s nothing foreign to the idea of employees leaving jobs and new hires replacing them. However, building and implementing the proper onboarding and offboarding checklist can add structure and a sense of calmness to a potentially chaotic situation. 

SEE: Checklist: Onboarding and offboarding IT staff (TechRepublic Premium)