Telecommunications company KT Corp. tested its first fully autonomous bus at South Korea’s largest international airport last week, according to the Friday press release. The Incheon International Airport (IIA) hosted a demonstration on November 11, showcasing how autonomous vehicle technology is becoming less of an idea and more of a reality for business and other travelers.

The self-driving bus drove 2.2 kilometers at 30 kilometers per hour near IIA’s Terminal 1, said the release. As airport employees and officials from South Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport viewed the demonstration from afar, the vehicle independently slowed at traffic signals and changed lanes, the release added.

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KT Corp. signed an agreement with the airport last month to create an intelligent airport system using information and communications technology, said the release. The partners plan to work with 5G mobile networks, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and Internet of Things (IoT) in the future.

In order to be at the forefront of autonomous vehicle initiatives, KT is creating 5G as a Vehicle Platform (5GaVP), a commercial self-driving system that runs on 5G technology, said the release. The company has already produced GiGA Drive IVI, a voice-recognizing platform for connected cars that can communicate directions and driving conditions.

KT and IIA aren’t alone in the movement towards airport autonomous vehicles. SoftBank Group and All Nippon Airways began testing its self-driving buses around Tokyo’s Haneda Airport in February. And Gatwick Airport is conducting a six-month trial for its driverless cars to transport airport employees around the facility.

For the airports themselves, these self-driving buses could revolutionize daily operations, increasing efficiency and improving customer experience. The progress of autonomous vehicles in airports is also great for business professionals who travel often, as the vehicles provide a more convenient and efficient way to navigate large airports.

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • KT Corp. is using 5G technology to bring autonomous buses to South Korea’s Incheon International Airport.
  • During the test, the self-driving vehicle was able to slow down at traffic lights and change lanes on its own.