Controlling a Zoom meeting from a computer is simple enough if your keyboard and mouse are right in front of you. But how do you control the meeting if you’re not within arm’s reach of your hardware? This could be the case if you’re using a large screen TV or other monitor where the keyboard and mouse are not easily accessible.

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One handy option is to start the meeting from your computer, join it from a phone or tablet, and then change the host to yourself on your remote device. You can then control all the important features and options in your meeting directly from your mobile device. Let’s see how this works.

Start and host your Zoom meeting from a computer as you normally would. Then join the meeting from your mobile phone or tablet using a meeting link or the meeting ID number with the password. To avoid confusion, mute the sound and keep the camera turned off on your mobile device (Figure A).

Figure A

At the Zoom screen on your computer, click the Participants icon. Hover over the name you used to join the meeting on your mobile device and then click the More button. At the flyout window, click the command to Make Host (Figure B). Click Yes to the prompt asking if you want to change the host.

Figure B

On your mobile device, turn on the audio and video. On your computer, you can now turn off the audio or video or leave the meeting entirely. If you think you may need to pass control back to your computer at some point, then remain in the meeting, but with the video and audio off (Figure C).

Figure C

You now have full control of the meeting on your mobile device. Tap the screen to access the basic controls, such as Audio, Video, Share Content, and Participants (Figure D)

Figure D

Tap the More icon to access additional commands, including Chat, Meeting Settings, Minimize Meeting, and Virtual Background (Figure E).

Figure E

You can always pass control back to your computer if necessary. Otherwise, keep control on your mobile device. To end the meeting, tap the screen, tap the End button, and then tap the button to End Meeting For All (Figure F).

Figure F