If one lesson has come out of the last year, it’s this: Sometimes you have to act with incomplete information, instead of taking a wait-and-see approach. Living and working throughout a global pandemic has shown the importance of learning to live with change, to be agile and to adapt quickly. 

As more people get vaccinated, business leaders are opening up offices and preparing for a hybrid model with some workers in the office and some remaining remote. This collection of policies and guides, from TechRepublic Premium, will help businesses create best practices to ensure that their employees can return to work in a safe environment. 

Post COVID-19 return to work policy

This policy makes it easier for businesses to reopen after more than a year of almost 100% remote work. These guidelines tell employees what businesses expect from them as well as what extra steps the company is taking to protect employees. 

COVID Vaccination Policy

This policy sets guidelines for business leaders who want to require vaccination for employees who want to return to in-person work. The purpose of this policy is not to mandate vaccination as a term of employment but to ensure the safety of colleagues, customers and suppliers. The policy also covers the possibility of booster shots for the vaccine and exemptions for employees with certain medical conditions.

COVID-19: A guide and checklist for restarting your business

There’s a lot of work to do before a company can reopen its doors. This checklist takes you through the entire process from preparing the office to changes to daily operations andnew HR policies. There’s also guidance on how managers must address their own approach to leading a team to accommodate the extra stress and logistical challenges that the pandemic has created.

Coronavirus and its impact on the enterprise

Vaccination rates are rising in the U.S., but other countries are still in the early days of this process. Companies should review the lessons learned from the early days of the pandemic to make sure personnel policies and security procedures reflect these realities. Employees maystill want to work from home in the short-term, and virus variants require long-term planning to be agile and adaptable.