When it comes to attracting top tech talent, every detail matters in the employee experience. TechRepublic’s Karen Roby talked with Melissa Arronte of Medallia about what employers need to keep in mind. The following is an edited transcript of their interview.

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Melissa Arronte: I think so much of it is about the employee experience. What happens day-to-day, how they feel they’re treated. I like to talk about an abbreviation. It’s RAVE, R-A-V-E. Respect, Appreciate, Value and Empower. And I think millennials, kind of as a stereotype, have been more vocal about this than previous generations. I think we all want the same thing. I just think millennials have found a different way of expressing it and asking for it. And I think some of them get stereotyped as being maybe too aggressive in the workplace. They’ll say, “Oh, in a few months after joining, they ask for a raise.” They’re really asking for feedback and recognition so they know how they’re doing. They’re just asking for it in a different way.

Karen Roby: What is this generation of employees asking for? What’s important to them?

Melissa Arronte: Well, I think for millennials and for all of us, it’s the same sort of thing. We’re looking to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We want to feel that we contribute, that we make progress on something that’s important to us. I mean, that’s really how Forrester defines the employee experience, is being able to make forward progress on work that we believe is important. And I think what’s happened, especially when you talk about technology, is it’s really aged within corporations because it’s so expensive to upgrade. But our expectations, especially for younger people who haven’t had to work with a dot matrix printer, for example, what they hold in their hands every day in their phone is so much more powerful than anything they have at work. Their expectations are really rising. And it’s an important part about the employee experience being enabled to deliver to your customers, to make progress on work with data technology.

Karen Roby: It seems pretty basic, but people really just want to be happy.

Melissa Arronte: I think it’s happiness, it’s fulfillment. It’s feeling like you’re doing something meaningful. If you’re just doing a piece of a process and you never see the final outcome, I think that’s what creates the lack of happiness. Because you don’t feel like you’ve done something that has meaning, that’s contributed to someone else’s life.