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HP’s newest managed print service is designed for the new hybrid workforce that is in the office, at home and everywhere in between. Paul Birkett, global head of commercial services and solutions, said HP’s new Managed Print Flex service is meant to fit the new remote work reality and support people working from home.

“This cloud-first subscription plan simplifies print services for SMB, mid-market and enterprise customers,” he said.

The base subscription includes these services:

  • Auto replenishment of ink
  • HP Roam so workers can print from anywhere
  • Break fix services and next business day on-site support
  • No distinction between color and black and white prints
  • Endpoint security

Customers can manage printing services and costs online from a single interface, he said, and the plan cost adapts each month to reflect actual usage.

This print service is currently available in the U.S., U.K. and Germany. HP plans to make it widely available in Q2 2022.

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Improvements to data insights platform for resellers

The company also announced new features in its Amplify Data Insights platform. HP launched the service for channel partners in December 2020.

Resellers and channel partners can use the Amplify Data platform to understand customer buying habits and plan new campaigns, according to Luciana Broggi, head of Global Routes to Market at HP. She also said at a press event earlier this week that 98% of partners have opted in to share data via the platform.

Broggi said she expects partners to use analysis from the platform to inform RFPs and sales pitches.

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Mary Beth Walker, head of global channel strategy at HP, said that there are more than a billion data points in the database that are updated weekly.

“The platform gives us ways to monetize data in ways that we haven’t been able to in the past,” she said.

The platform combines protected partner data with HP’s sales data, customer information and market research.

Walker said Amplify Data Insights provides three types of insights: descriptive, predictive and proscriptive. Descriptive insights to benchmark performance and drive customer segment strategies include:

  • HP and partner data on performance relative to a particular market, such as sales growth, product performance and inventory levels
  • Revenue and unit sales by industry and company size
  • Rankings by industry and company size
  • Inventory levels by HP product group, category and product line
  • Sales mix by customer industry
  • Compensation and rebate history

Predictive Insights to anticipate customer interest and purchase decisions include:

  • Customer purchase propensity estimations based on HP algorithms based on customer refresh cycle data, warranty expiration heatmaps and product lifecycle intelligence
  • Product warranty and renewal heatmaps
  • Customer buying intent predictions and customer engagement topic insights
  • Engagement evolution by customer
  • Customer engagement propensity and intent

Prescriptive insights to up-sell, cross-sell and optimize marketing campaigns include:

  • Recommendations on specific sales and marketing actions for individual company and customer groups to upgrade and cross-sell hardware and services
  • Customer installed base recommendations
  • Product recommendations for fast-track and long-tail campaigns