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Months into the coronavirus pandemic, millions in the US remain unemployed due to the COVID-19 and economic uncertainty in the months ahead. A clearer understanding of market demand could help prospective employees upskill and approach the job market with an eye toward the future. To assist, a new Indeed report details the fastest-growing tech jobs in the US as well as the skills needed for each of these positions.

“Employers know that ‘work-from-home’ is today’s new norm, which is likely driving the hiring push for the IT support roles (junior helpdesk, entry level PC technician, junior technical support). For thousands of firms, it’s critical that their workers have technology that’s both secure and easy to use. IT support roles make this happen,” said Indeed Economist AnnElizabeth Konkel.

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Most in-demand tech jobs

On Wednesday, Indeed released a report detailing the “10 Fastest-Rising Tech Jobs” in the US. Using Indeed tech jobs posted from January to September, the company identified which of these specific titles saw the “highest percentage change in the share of job postings.” Additionally, Indeed also compiled the top skills required for each of these roles by pulling the most commonly mentioned terms noted in each post for each title using job postings from Sept. 1, 2020 through Oct. 1, 2020.

Entry level PHP Developer (Average salary: $73,334)

Overall, entry-level PHP developer topped Indeed’s list of fastest-rising tech jobs. Since January, Indeed job posts for this position have increased 834%. The top skills frequently mentioned in these Indeed job posts include software development, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, and PHP, per Indeed.

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Junior helpdesk (Average salary: $42,542)

Junior helpdesk positions ranked second on Indeed’s roundup. Indeed job postings for Junior helpdesk positions had a ~501% change since January and the top skills frequently mentioned in junior helpdesk job postings include time management, organizational skills, customer service, and software troubleshooting, per Indeed.

Entry level PC technician (Average pay rate: $18.37 per hour)

Entry-level PC technician ranked third with approximately a 434% increase in job demand since January. The top skills listed on entry-level PC technician job postings include customer service, heavy lifting, Microsoft Office Windows operating system, communication skills, and software development, per Indeed.

Junior enterprise architect (Average salary: $144,752)

Junior enterprise architects placed fourth on Indeed’s list of fastest-rising tech positions. Indeed job postings for junior enterprise architects increased 278% from last year. The most frequently mentioned skills in junior enterprise architect job postings include organizational skills, communication skills, time management, and customer service, per Indeed.

Junior technical consultant (Average salary: $60,057)

Junior technical consultant rounded out the top five with a ~256% increase in demand for these positions since January. The most frequently mentioned skills required for this position include Salesforce, Sass, HTML5, CSS, and XML, per Indeed. Interestingly, many companies are allowing candidates to list “internships and school projects as demonstrated experience in the field,” according to the report.

Senior CAD operator (Average salary: $67,650)

Senior CAD operator positions placed sixth on the Indeed rankings. This year, senior CAD operators job postings on Indeed increased approximately 234%. The top skills listed on Indeed job posting for senior CAD operators include Microsoft Excel, CAD, AutoCAD, drafting, and MicroStation.

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Junior technical support (Average salary: $52,563)

Junior technical support positions were listed as Indeed’s seventh fastest-rising positions in tech. This year, the demand for these positions has increased by 223%. The most frequently mentioned skills listed on junior technical support job postings include software troubleshooting, debugging, system administration, and system design.

Junior software consultant (Average salary: $58,594)

Junior software consultant ranked eighth overall. Since January, postings for junior software consultant positions have increased by 167%. The top skills listed on junior software consultant positions include C#, Java, Hadoop, DevOps, and Python.

Server architect (Average salary: $92,203)

Server architect positions came in at ninth on Indeed’s list of fastest-rising tech positions. Since January, job postings for server architects have increased by approximately 167%. The top skills most commonly listed on server architect job postings include Microsoft SQL Server, Java, software development, middleware, and embedded software.

Senior technical director (Average salary: $196,397)

Since January of this year, job postings for senior technical directors have increased by approximately 160%. The most frequently listed skills mentioned on senior technical director job postings include supervising experience, customer relationship management, and management.