There are two types of IT help rooms: Ones that function, and ones that don’t. It’s easy to fall into the latter category, especially if you don’t strategize about support, provide the right resources and hire the right people. 

These four TechRepublic Premium downloads will help you do just that. They cover hiring for essential IT support positions, can help team members find support resources and help structure an IT team in a simple, visible way. 

Checklist: Essential support sites for Linux admins

Anyone who wants to move beyond the entry level of an IT support team needs to learn how to administer Linux systems. It can be daunting to find the right place to get help with Linux if you’re not familiar with open source software, and that’s what this download will help with. It’s filled with links to websites every Linux administrator should be familiar with, and as anyone who’s worked in IT knows, knowing where to find the answer is just as important as already knowing it. 

IT help desk support SLA

Service level agreements, or SLAs, are familiar to anyone who has worked in managed services IT, but they’re just as important to in-house IT teams as they are to third-party contractors. This SLA template is designed for internal use, and carefully spells out the roles and responsibilities for an entire IT department. Additional parts of the internal SLA include response deadlines, equipment upgrade rules and an acknowledgement so all employees can verify they’ve read and understood it. 

Hiring kit: Help desk support

Way back in the early twenty-teens I was an IT professional, and in my time working as one I saw all types of people, some more capable of playing well on a team than others. Having a successful help desk means having a team that works well together, not just having a bunch of skilled technicians. This hiring kit will help you learn the right questions to ask to sort a great candidate from an okay one.

Hiring kit: Application support engineer

What a help desk technician is to hardware support, the application support engineer is to the on-premise and cloud-hosted apps a business uses. As with the help desk technician, it’s important to find the right people for an app support team. With the cloud-native, everything-as-a-service future that appears on our horizon, a good app support team is going to be essential.