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Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are at a record high across the globe. According to recent numbers by Refinitiv Deals Intelligence, global M&A activity was up 92% when compared to 2020 in the first nine months of 2021 alone.

It was also the strongest opening period for M&A activity since records began in 1980. What’s driving the increase? Growth post-COVID-19, low interest rates and a growing economy are all factors involved.

IT elements are often overlooked during M&A activity

Businesses undergoing a merger or acquisition have a wealth of issues to consider. Unfortunately, a company’s networks, systems and IT elements are often overlooked during the process. As a result, chaos, costly delays, increased expenses and inefficiencies often ensue.

Research completed by Bain & Co found that failing to plan before M&A activity can result in duplicate apps and systems that drive up operational costs. That same research found that 70% of M&A-driven IT integration initiatives that fail do so because of missteps in the early stages of the merger or acquisition.

Planning ahead is critical for a smooth transition, especially when it comes to IT integration. Luckily, this M&A bundle by TechRepublic Premium delivers the resources you need to avoid the potential technological pitfalls resulting from a failure to plan.

Checklist: Mergers & Acquisitions

In any acquisition, the more work you can do upfront, the better off your company will be. As a deal begins to heat up, you’ll want to optimize your time and resources by assessing the target organization’s data, network infrastructure, systems, equipment, software, and IT procedures.

 With this information, you can then develop a plan to decide which systems you’ll keep, which will need to go, and what your new IT policies will be moving forward. This Mergers & Acquisitions Checklist walks you through each step, ensuring a smooth IT transition.

Checklist: Onboarding and offboarding C-level executives

Onboarding C-level executives intensifies the need to secure common attack surfaces. After all, executives often require advanced permissions and mobility requirements. Your IT department should be able to carefully track these privileges to mitigate risk during any C-level change.

 To ensure your execs are set up to be as productive as possible while eliminating potential security holes, use this checklist during onboarding and offboarding.

Checklist: Onboarding and offboarding IT staff

Carefully assigning or de-assigning privileges, permissions, accounts and applications is critical for any onboard or offboard process. However, when it comes to bringing in new IT staff or making staff changes, this process is all the more critical.

Your IT staff has the most access to your critical network infrastructure and company data. That’s why there’s no room for haphazard onboarding or offboarding processes. This checklist covers the individual steps you should take to ensure your security (and sanity).

Site Systems Technology Audit and Assessment Checklist

One of the first tasks you’ll need to complete when integrating a new IT department involves confirming the networks and systems you’ll now be responsible for. You’ll also need to confirm the age, status and security posture of any tech equipment. Being skeptical is key to a successful and secure IT transition.

 In this Site Systems Technology Audit and Assessment Checklist, we’ll guide you through the steps you must take to complete the audit during your merger or acquisition.

Change Control Policy

During a merger or acquisition, keeping track of IT changes can help you avoid unnecessary disturbances that can lead to costly downtime. However, tracking every change to your newly acquired and current equipment, software and procedures can feel like an impossible hill to climb.

 This Change Control Policy template includes information regarding process, equipment and application changes, so you can stay on track. Plus, it’s customizable to fit your organization’s needs.

Checklist: Building and Decommissioning Data Centers

During a merger or acquisition, it may become necessary for you to decommission your own data center, decommission the target company’s data center, or build a new one. Data centers are a significant investment, serving as the backbone of your tech infrastructure. Any build or decommission must be done with care.

This checklist will help you plan out an implementation or the decommissioning of your in-house data center successfully.

Checklist: Office Relocation

Hearing the phrase “moving day” is enough to strike fear into the heart of any IT professional. After all, new office launches or relocations, events common during M&A activity, can be complex. This Office Relocation Checklist covers the steps you must take to plan, monitor and execute any move.