Microsoft 365 and Office 365 commercial customers that want an internal search engine will all soon be able to tap into Microsoft Search. As part of its Build 2019 conference on Monday, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Search is now rolling out and will reach general availability by the end of the month.

Unveiled last September at Microsoft’s Ignite conference, Microsoft Search is an attempt to bring a more customized and cohesive search tool that taps into all the internal knowledge and data of a business. Using the machine learning skills of Microsoft Graph and Bing on the backend, Microsoft Search aims to help you find information relevant to your work, your processes, and your company. Microsoft Search is also designed to deliver the same experience whether you access it on the desktop or via a mobile device through Windows, Bing, Office, Outlook, SharePoint, or OneDrive.

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Microsoft Search includes AI technology that can read a document and extract specific information from it. As one example given by Microsoft, you might ask: “Can I I bring my dog to work?” In response, Microsoft Search looks for and extracts the relevant paragraph from a human resources document that discusses such workplace issues.

Beyond locating documents, Microsoft Search can help you find fellow employees. As another example cited by Microsoft, you may be told to “Talk to Pat on the third floor.” The problem is that you don’t know who Pat is. By using Microsoft Search to look for the phrase “Pat, floor 3,” the relevant information appears with an office number and photo of Pat.

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Microsoft Search also offers a predictive feature designed to help you find content relevant to your current work, such as recent documents, fellow co-workers and team members, and documents in which you’re mentioned. Further, Microsoft Search can help you complete certain tasks. For example, if you’re adding an image to a document, the search tool could guide you on ways to crop or rotate that image.

More features are in the works for Microsoft Search, according to Microsoft. Customers will be able to integrate Microsoft Search into their own applications via third-party connectors. The unified search control itself is headed toward other apps such as Yammer and Microsoft Teams in Microsoft 365.

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