Your mother made your life easier, and now it’s your turn to make hers trouble-free or at least as close to it as you can. What better day to bestow a tech-related gift than on Mother’s Day?

Did you know that despite the decries of commercialization, the origins of Mother’s Day were much more altruistic? A pacifist, Anna Jarvis advocated for the holiday as a day of peace, set aside to honor all mothers because Jarvis believed a mother is “the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world.” Jarvis’ campaign began in 1905, but it wasn’t until 1911 that all U.S. states observed the holiday. Jarvis actually deplored greeting card manufacturers and florists who used it as a business opportunity, and she even organized boycotts. Jarvis was placed in a sanitarium until she died, and her five-year stay was paid for by businesses in the floral and greeting card industries.

While Jarvis felt the day should be acknowledged through a handwritten letter of love and gratitude, there’s no reason why today you couldn’t do both: Write that love letter and present your mother with one of these very cool and practical gifts.

Mobile desk from Ergotron

Image: Ergotron

If your mother is constantly on the move, here’s a versatile bit of furniture that will be useful to her. This mobile desk has a height-adjustable surface which means it’s always the right height-whether she’s sitting or standing. Using a standing desk can help reduce back pain and improve posture. It includes a cupholder, tablet slot and pen tray keep the essentials nearby. Measures 26″ x 33″ x 11″ inches.

Enbrighten Color-Changing Café Lights from Jasco

Image: Jasco

Decking out the backyard may be a colorful boost just in time for warmer weather, whether your mother still observes social distancing safety regulations or not. This 48-foot string of colorful lights are just the thing for mom’s outdoor entertaining area. The easy-to-install café lights come with 150 color combinations. There are 12 bulbs per 48-foot rope, which can be linked up to 750 feet.

iPad Air (4th Gen) Alpha Case by Zugu

Image: Zugu

If your mother wants to watch her favorite streaming service hands free (and there’s a metal appliance nearby), she might like an iPad 4th Gen case that is wireless Apple Pencil (not included) charging compatible. An adjustable magnetic stand with eight angles, it can mount securely to a metal fridge, has a soft microfiber interior and air-flow vents. It has a “robust” bumper for drop protection and fiberglass internal structure. Available in red, black and tan. Compatible only with 2020 iPad Air (4th Gen) 10.9 – A2316, A2324, A2325, A2072

FeiyuTech's VimbleOn gimble

Image: FeiyuTech

If your mother is like most, she enjoys shooting videos with her smart phone. Vimble ONE is a simple gimbal with one motorized roll axis. It is suitable for first-time stabilizer users and mainly used for simple needs such as travel selfies and live video. Anti-shake sensors stabilize her phone for clearer images and videos, and the horizontal locking system allows her phone to stay level while the handle moves from side to side. It connects to the camera in her phone via Bluetooth 5.0 and is controlled using the simple buttons on the handle. It can fit in her pocket or purse and features a telescopic arm which extends to produce a wider photo frame, ideal for taking selfies and group photos. The manufacturer says it has six hours of battery life and comes with a mini tripod included.

Embr Labs' Wave 2 intelligent bracelet

Image: Embr

The just released Wave 2 is an intelligent bracelet that with a touch of a button allows your mother to warm up or cool down, thanks to patented, thermal-wellness science. MIT-founded and clinically validated to use temperature sensations, it’s applied to the sensitive skin on her wrist to restore the body’s natural balance.

The Wave 2 is a followup to the original. The manufacturer said it upgraded design (more compact and comfortable), control (more low profile, with discreet buttons and lights relocated for privacy) and relief (stronger cooling capabilities to combat hot flashes or thermal discomfort).

Available in Rose Gold and black.

The Wave 2 price listed reflects a limited-time $50 savings. The original Wave is still available for $249 from its original $299 price.

Jazz Band by DNA Vibe

Image: DNA Vibe

Help mom get a handle on her daily aches and pains with DNA Vibe’s Jazz Band which the company describes as the first affordable direct-to-consumer device to harness intelligent light therapy for pain relief. Professional athletes and research hospitals have used it for more than 50 years; Light therapy is an FDA-approved treatment that uses safe levels of red light, near infrared light, and magnetic signals for relieving muscle and joint discomfort, improving circulation, and promoting muscle relaxation.

Pouch color is available in black, blue and pink.

Price is for the Jazz Band Power Bundle which comes with the Jazz Band Vibe, a power pack and a car adapter, as well as a long and a short strap and a wall power adapter. The Jazz Band alone is $249.

Use the coupon code SHOWERS30 at checkout for 30% off through April 21.

Bottle Wine Chiller from Hisense

Image: Hisense

This high-capacity wine chiller marries modern design and functionality to maximize beverage taste. It is a 54-Bottle capacity stainless steel built-in/freestanding wine chiller, with six soft-close shelves that keep vibrations to a minimum. The energy-efficient, low-E and UV protected glass door filters UV rays and protects stored wine from premature aging. Its frost-free design keeps clear glass displaying your mother’s wine collection.

Aromatherapy Humidifier by Air Innovations

Image: Air innovations

Designed to alleviate stress, it operates quietly for uninterrupted sleep. It features a permanent ceramic filter (never needs to be replaced), anti-microbial tank and base to freshen with clean moisture. The manufacturer claims that the anti-microbial tank prevents the growth of germs. It runs up to 96 hours on one tank and has five mist settings, a rotating mist nozzle, adjustable humidistat and more.

Tempest Weather Station by Weatherflow

Image: Weatherflo

Tempest can trigger your mother’s outdoor lights based on the actual brightness of the sky and will enable her thermostat to use the weather conditions outside her home to conserve heating and cooling use. It can automate her sprinklers to operate based on rainfall. She (or you) can get text alerts when lightning is approaching.

Roborock's S4 Max robot vacuum

Image: Roborock

The Roborock S4 Max robot vacuum with “Lidar Navigation” has 2000Pa strong suction, multi-level mapping, and is Wi-Fi connected with no-go zones. Amazon Alexa is required, and the price reflects that. If mom already has Alexa, the S4 is $430.

FluidStance from Fillup

Image: Fillup

Keeping hydrated is just smart, but remembering to drink our daily intake of water can be a challenge. Mom will appreciate easy accessibility to drinking water. FluidStance’s Fillup is designed to encourage consumers to keep hydrated throughout the course of the day, whether they are hunkered down at their desks on a tight deadline or getting that last glass of water in before heading to bed. Your mother will have her own personal 110-ounce water tower.

Luma Pro from Violux

Image: Violux

Luma Pro is a smart UV-C sanitizer that will let your mother professionally clean everyday objects in as little as one minute with three times the disinfection power. Luma can clean large objects or multiple objects simultaneously. She’ll be able to disinfect anything from phones, tablets and remotes, to children’s toys, pacifiers, bottles, pet toys and more. Luma is even food-safe. It features four UV-C lamps, 32 watts of UV-C power and an optical quartz floor.

Comma Home's Bamboo weighted blanket

Image: Comma Home

Weighted blankets are surprisingly comforting, even for those not using it for therapeutic purposes. By using bamboo instead of cotton or polyester, Comma Home created a breathable weighted blanket for hot sleepers and for summer sleeping. No more overheating or sweaty nights, and best of all, your mother will get a boost in quality sleep. Available in Powder Blue and Cool Grey, and either 15- or 20-pound styles.

Scanza from Kodak

Image: Kodak

For the mom who wants to cherish her memories forever, this all-in-one device lets her scan, view, edit, convert and save old 135, 126, 110 and Super 8 negatives and slides so she will be able to look back at older photos, such as the ones before camera phones made all but professional cameras obsolete.

Tovala's Smart Oven

Image: Tovala

Your mother has probably cooked more meals than she can recall, so why not make things easier on her with Tovala’s Smart Oven, which pairs with weekly meal deliveries. Mom can put together a meal without prep or cleanup. She can sip a glass of wine while her smart oven cooks dinner. She can scan a QR code on the dish, and Tovala steams, bakes and broils automatically, cooking lunch or dinner for you. Tovala can also scan the barcodes of nearly 1,000 frozen grocery store products (pizza, waffles, burritos and dozens of frozen items at Trader Joe’s) and auto-cook as well. No preheating or setting a cooking cycle, she just has to press start. You can also buy it at for $199, but you must order the weekly meal deliveries six times.

Tertill the garden weeding robot


If your mom has a garden, no matter how much she enjoys tending to it, she may not like weeding. Tertill is proven to be as effective as hand weeding by the Cornell School of Agriculture, so while the weeding robot handles the dirty work, she can focus on the other important aspects of gardening like planting seeds and harvesting vegetables.

Created by the inventor of Roomba, Tertill lives in a garden, runs on sunshine, and weeds every day, enabling gardeners to organically control weeds while eliminating the need to use herbicides and weed blocker.