On Tuesday, SAP kicked off Day 2 of its annual three-day SAPPHIRE Now event. As we reported, Monday’s keynote kickoff was marred by technical difficulties. As a result, Tuesday’s keynote was available on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. The event went off without a hitch this time around. Thomas Saueressig, a member of the executive board, delivered the keynote address entitled “Ensuring Agility and Resilience in Times of Change with Enterprise Software.”

Overall, the speech focused on addressing the current challenges facing organizations worldwide caused by the coronavirus. Similar to Monday’s keynote, Saueressig’s speech reiterated themes of sustainable innovation and empowering organizations to mitigate the effects of climate change in their business models. The event also featured executive cameos from Honeywell and Doehler Group to add to the conversation. Historically, SAP uses the event to announce its latest product offerings and Tuesday was no different.

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Climate 21

Throughout the presentation, Saueressig unveiled a wide spectrum of new platforms and technologies including Climate 21. This platform is designed to help customers achieve their sustainability and climate-focused objectives. This platform allows organizations to better understand their carbon footprint and fine-tune their sustainability strategies. The Product Carbon Footprint Analytics application is currently available for interested customers.

Industry Cloud

The company also announced industry cloud solutions built on SAP’s Business Technology Platform utilizing an open API. “This open integration layer gives us, our partners, and customers a structured access to build next practice solutions that optimize the end-to-end processes supporting our customers’ current business models with ‘next practices,'” according to an SAP release. Touting the interoperability with other SAP offerings, these solutions will enable expedited integration and deployment.

Industry 4.Now

Due to the coronavirus, companies around the globe have had to manage supply chain disruptions, quickly transition to the virtual office, and adapt their business models on the fly. With this in mind, SAP used the keynote to announce the Industry 4.Now initiative designed to support agility and resilience to supply chain disruptions across manufacturing. Predictive insights and embedded analytics empower customers to take a real-time look at operations, reduce cost, and fine-tune business models. Customers can create a digital twin of their manufacturing operations and gain clearer insights into mechanical malfunctions, maintenance needs, sustainable operation methods, and more.

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Unified Business Network

In the modern economy, organizations depend on massive supply networks and extended ecosystems. The company also announced “a strategy to bring end-to-end visibility, increased efficiency and collaboration across the entire supply chain processes,” according to an SAP press release. That said, SAP’s intelligent enterprise strategy is designed to enable greater visibility, increase efficiency, and optimize collaboration and communication throughout the supply chain. This overall initiative traverses the full SAP suite ranging from the Asset Intelligence Network and Logistics Business Network to SAP Fieldglass for added interoperability.

“In today’s hyperconnected world, it’s even more important for businesses to quickly react to environmental and market changes. We’re helping to address these challenges with new ways for customers to address sustainability, lead in their industry and grow their business networks. SAP has the strategy, expertise, solutions and partner ecosystem to enable customers to run their business as an intelligent enterprise,” Saueressig said in the release.