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In celebration of Earth Day 2021 on April 22, FlexJobs is sharing a list of 15 open positions in the environmental sector that just happen to be the greenest jobs of all: work-from-home ones. 2020 taught the world a lot, including the fact that wide-scale remote work has the potential to undo a lot of environmental damage. “Due to movement restriction and a significant slowdown of social and economic activities, air quality has improved in many cities with a reduction in water pollution in different parts of the world,” a journal article from late 2020 said of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Daily commutes are one of the worst offenders, FlexJobs said, with the transportation industry responsible for more than a quarter of yearly greenhouse gas emissions. “Consider this: If 3.9 million people worked from home at least half time, that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions in an amount equivalent to removing 600,000 cars for an entire year,” FlexJobs said.

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Environmental advocates may not need additional reasons to keep working remotely, but FlexJobs is presenting one in its list of 15 full-time environmental industry jobs. If you want to be remote, and apply your existing skills to protecting and rejuvenating the environment, one of these jobs may be for you.

Each of the jobs listed here were available as of the date of publication. If the particular role is gone, but you’re interested in working for the particular company listed, be sure to check out the links to the FlexJobs postings included in this list.

  1. Environmental Defense Fund, membership and CRM analyst: This full time remote job is looking for a CRM specialist with two years of experience working with customer data applications.
  2. Only One Inc., community manager: Social media and marketing experts will be interested in this position that is responsible for growing a community of environmental action supporters.
  3. Friends of the Earth, digital fundraising specialist: Check this position out if managing donor campaigns and writing persuasive content designed to earn support is your passion.
  4. Pacific Institute, director of communications and outreach: If you want to work developing a communications strategy for an environmental nonprofit be sure to look into this role.
  5. Plastic Pollution Coalition, director of development: This position is responsible for overseeing fund development and donor outreach efforts.
  6. Environmental Defense Fund, performance and impact director: This position is a managerial one that oversees strategy, finance, administrative and operational activities. It’s looking for a PMP-certified professional.
  7. TechFlow, energy and sustainability business development manager: This business operations position requires Secret-level clearance eligibility and 10+ years of experience, but it’s completely remote.
  8. Axiom, environmental regulatory lawyer: Advise corporate clients, provide business advice and have 10 or more years experience in the legal industry to apply for this position.
  9. Only One, Inc., managing editor: Only One is an environmental news site, and it’s looking for a managing editor with SEO and data analytics experience.
  10. American Farmland Trust, northeast solar specialist: If you’re knowledgeable in public solar policies and want to promote renewable energy in the farming industry check this position out.
  11. Green America, program manager: Individuals skilled in project management with a passion for fundraising and online communications and outreach may be interested in this role.
  12. Conservation International, senior coordinator, carbon fund: Write about, organize and process transactions related to carbon credit projects. This job doesn’t require a college degree, but is looking for three or more years of experience in a similar role.
  13. Aurora Solar, senior product designer: This design position is looking for someone to develop and maintain software for solar projects. It requires five or more years of mobile app design experience.
  14. Edgewell Personal Care, sustainability manager: Edgewell isn’t an environmental company, but it is looking for someone to help manage its sustainability programs and meet its 2030 sustainability strategy goals.
  15. Rainforest Trust, VP of finance: This high-level role is responsible for typical finance duties, like planning, implementing and managing finance, budgets, forecasting and risk-management.