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More than one year after the first cases of COVID-19, the coronavirus pandemic continues to ripple through the global economy. In the U.S., millions of people remain unemployed compared with pre-pandemic employment levels. A new survey from Blind, an anonymous network for professionals, posed a series of questions related to voluntarily switching jobs, pandemic-related impacts on career decisions, and more.

Turns out, lots of people voluntarily switched positions in 2020, even though many professionals said the COVID-19 pandemic limited their ability to pursue new positions, according to Blind’s raw survey data.

Voluntarily switching jobs

Overall, 48% of the 3,757 respondents said they voluntarily changed employers in 2020. As part of Blind’s anonymous framework, users are able to identify their places of employment, and results can be parsed out by industry. Of the 13 respondents listed as Snap employees, 77% said they voluntarily changed positions in 2020, followed by 71% of the 17 Box respondents and 70% of the 10 Splunk employees.

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Among tech industry titans, 56% of the 155 Facebook employees said they voluntarily changed employers last year, compared to 52% of 395 Amazon employees and 61% of the 82 Apple respondents. Among the 156 Microsoft respondents, 42% voluntarily switched positions in 2020 compared with 46% of 153 Google employees and 40% of 48 Intel respondents.

Pandemic-related career decisions

In a second pop-up poll question, 77% of the 3,316 respondents said COVID-19 had not stopped them from trying to change positions. One in five of the 346 Amazon respondents said the coronavirus pandemic had stopped them from trying to change positions. A similar number of Microsoft (21%), Google (24%), Amazon (20%), Facebook (18%) and Apple (18%) employees said the pandemic had stopped them from trying to change positions.

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Landing a new job in 2021

In a third survey question, 49% of the 3,222 respondents said they were planning to land a new position in 2021. About half of the 334 Amazon respondents said they planned to get a new job this year. Additionally, 44% of Microsoft respondents (136), 34% of Google respondents (132), and one-third of Facebook respondents (123) said they planned to land a new job this year.

Methodology and raw data

The Blind survey was conducted from March 15 through March 23. Those so-inclined can peruse Blind’s raw survey data to all three pop-up poll questions here.