Image: ÖÖD

Organizations around the globe have transitioned to remote work due to the coronavirus pandemic. While some employees were provided stipends to equip their home office space, others were tasked with crafting impromptu home offices on short notice using in-situ supplies from around the house. In recent months, companies have started to bring employees back to the office, although other organizations are making long-term commitments to remote work in the years ahead. As a result, some telecommuters are doubling down on remote work and investing in backyard office pods to create a dedicated workspace outside of the home. A minimalist backyard workspace from design firm ÖÖD starts at $19,900 and is reportedly coming to Amazon.

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ÖÖD backyard office pod

ÖÖD offers a number of customizable working and living spaces including studios, home offices, playrooms, as well as a hotel room. The backyard office pods’ interior layout can be customized to suit the client’s needs, as the company explains on its website, “the client specifies what the houses will be used for, which means that every house will have its own story told in cooperation with the customer.” Some interior configurations depicted on the website include multi desk workstations.

Other setups include ping-pong tables for those who prefer to break up the day with a little friendly competition. Wrap-around floor-to-ceiling glass panels along the exterior give the space a streamlined, minimalist aesthetic. ÖÖD is finalizing details to sell the backyard home office pod on Amazon, according to an ÖÖD representative, and hopes to “start with Amazon in January” or February at the latest.

Image: ÖÖD

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The process of making the backyard office pod a reality involves seven steps, per ÖÖD. This includes signing a contract and a location check involving appropriate building permits. Next, prospective pod owners need to provide 50% of the payment when they sign the purchase and sales agreement. Production shipping and installation will follow these steps, according to ODD, and total installation will take between one to two days.

On the ÖÖD website, the company lists the various aspects it will cover and the responsibilities of the client. For example, ÖÖD will provide the appliances, “sanitary equipment,” furniture, kitchen cabinetry, and “interior finishing.” The client covers construction permits and building the foundation for the pod as well as utility connections and sewage discharges. The client is also responsible for covering shipping and taxes as well as the crane needed to unload the unit.

Image: ÖÖD

The backyard office pod is delivered either “in completed form” or built on location depending on various location considerations. For example, “if there is no access in the location for transportation, the house must be built on the site,” according to the company’s frequently asked questions page.