A report from Forrester looked at what expectations people have from their jobs. Technology plays a huge role of course, but what the younger generation expects may be different than what you expect. Here are five things Generation Z expects from the workplace.

  1. Two-in-one laptops are more popular. Of Gen Z workers surveyed who preferred to use a laptop, about one-third preferred a 2-in-1 laptop. That’s higher than the 23% of millennials or 17% of Gen Xers.
  2. Productivity tools are not as important. Younger workers still use them, just not as much. They’re finding ways to get work done other than just Word and Excel.
  3. Control over security. I think it’s probably always true that when you’re younger, you’re more likely to go outside the system in the name of productivity. Consider offering a choice. Forty-six percent of Gen Z workers want to choose their own security software.
  4. Old people may have nothing to hide. Younger workers, however, are concerned about personal privacy. Twenty-three percent of Gen Z don’t want the company accessing personal data on personal devices used for work. That’s compared to 9% for baby boomers.
  5. They may not need a single workspace. Yes, many folks are working from home these days, but Gen Z also is more likely to work at a coworking space, during the commute or even in multiple locations within the office.

Taking this data into account is important, but steer clear of using it to stereotype based on age. Forrester found socioeconomic status, seniority, geography and the role you have at a company may correlate better with tech preferences than age.

For more on that, read Esther Stein’s article: Report: Generation Z and millennials have different expectations around tech preferences.

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