FeaturedCustomers, the customer reference platform for B2B business software and services, revealed on Tuesday the top pre-employment testing softwares used for candidate evaluation. These online evaluations, used during the interview and selection processes, assess a candidate’s personality and skills, helping hiring teams select the best talent for their organizations.

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Along with the eight market leaders in pre-employment testing software, seven top performers and seven rising stars were also identified in FeaturedCustomers’s 2020 Spring Customer Success Report.

With the coronavirus forcing companies to make the hiring process virtual, preventing in-person interviews, these tests can be especially helpful. Teams are unable to meet in a room and assess candidates, but this software helps garner the same results.

Importance of pre-employment testing software

As stated in the report, “The primary aim of pre-employment tests is to ensure organizational fit, competence, and likelihood of long-term success.”

These tests have many benefits including cost and efficiency, according to the report. The money spent on pre-employment testing software is significantly lower than the cost of recruiting the incorrect employee, the report said.

Pre-employment tests also save hiring managers time, helping narrow applicants and avoid time wasted on interviewing less-qualified candidates. The platforms are also self-administered and self-scored, allowing the hiring staff to test numerous applicants at the same time, the report found.

Utilizing a skills-based testing approach has shown to also improve workplace diversity. Irina Novoselsky, CEO of CareerBuilder, said focusing on candidates’ skills was one of the tactics they used to reach gender parity within their company.

Other options for pre-employment tests include culture assessments, sales assessments, situational tests, realistic job previews, personality tests, and aptitude tests, according to the report.

When choosing the best software for your company, however, some vendors rise above the rest. The rankings are based on data from FeaturedCustomers’s customer reference
platform, market presence, web presence, and social presence as well as additional data aggregated from online sources and media properties.

Market leaders

  1. The Predictive Index
  2. Berke
  3. Criteria Corp
  4. Mercer Mettl
  5. OutMatch
  6. Select International
  7. Wonderlic
  8. eSkill

Top performers

  1. Aspiring Minds
  2. AssessFirst
  3. Caliper
  4. Harver
  5. Interview Mocha
  6. Talview
  7. Vervoe

Rising Stars

  1. Employee Selection and Development
  2. Employment Technologies
  3. Expertrating
  4. Prevue HR Systems
  5. SmartMoves
  6. TalentClick
  7. Weirdly

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