Labeled the next generation of entertainment, the video gaming industry is booming, according to an Indeed report released on Wednesday. This rise in video gaming popularity has caused virtual reality and augmented reality (AR and VR) to also gain speed, the report found.

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The share of job postings on Indeed per million for AR and VR roles has increased by more than 1,314% since 2014, the report said. During that same time period, the number of job searches for AR and VR roles have also increased by 952%. This outlook is great for job seekers, as both supply and demand of AR/VR talent is high.

However, the same demand can’t be said for game developers and designers, the report found. While the number of open positions for these jobs has only dropped slightly in the past year, job-seeker interest greatly exceeds available positions. The number of game designer job postings has decreased by 54% in the last five years, the report said, and game developer openings have dropped by 35%.

The decrease in searches for developers and designers may be due to the rise in searches for other jobs, like AR and VR positions, the report added. Gaming computer builders have seen the biggest jump in job searches, at 1,777%.

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