As the gig economy continues to boom, so does the number of companies worldwide that rely on freelancers to build their business, according to a Tuesday report from

The website analyzed more than 530,000 jobs posted to the site during Q2 2018 to determine job trends and freelancer demand. Web development roles dominated the online labor market in Q2, the analysis found: The number of these positions soared in 2018, and remain on top of the list of fastest-growing jobs for the freelancing market.

“The Gig economy has clearly grown in the past decade,” CEO Matt Barrie said in a press release. “This is proven when we see that lawyers, engineers and other highly skilled professionals are not only hiring freelancers, but themselves becoming one.”

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Here are the three tech skills that topped the list of fastest-growing jobs in the gig economy:

1. Active Server Pages (ASP)

Jobs listed on Freelancer in Q1 2018: 1,187

Jobs listed on Freelancer in Q2 2018: 1,838

Increase: 55%

ASP is an older technology that allows web developers to create more dynamic and interactive websites, and is usually run on the Microsoft web server, according to the report. These jobs appear to be making a comeback, dominating the list of fastest-growing gig economy jobs with an increase of 55% between Q1 and Q2 2018.

2. React.js

Jobs listed on Freelancer in Q1 2018: 1,400

Jobs listed on Freelancer in Q2 2018:1,756

Increase: 25%

React.js saw an increase of 25% in freelance job postings between Q1 and Q2, the report found. The front-end framework for JavaScript is being increasingly used as Internet of Things (IoT) deployments, as connected devices become more commonplace so it’s unlikely that it will drop in popularity any time soon.

3. Extensible Markup Language (XML)

Jobs listed on Freelancer in Q1 2018: 1,865

Jobs listed on Freelancer in Q2 2018: 2,308

Increase: 24%

Companies are hiring freelancers with XML skills over those with HTML skills, the report found. XML works by improving the functionality of the web by letting developers identify information in a more accurate, flexible, and adaptable way, it noted.

In terms of other in-demand skills, positions associated with engineering also saw an increase in Q2, according to the report. Mechanical engineering and electrical engineering made it to the top 50 jobs on the list, demonstrating that businesses are increasingly looking to freelancers to fill these talent gaps as well.

Database programming, game design, node.js, and blockchain skills also made it on the list of in-demand freelance positions.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • ASP, React.js, and XML are the fastest-growing freelance skills sought after by companies. —, 2018
  • Engineering, database programming, and node.js also made the list of fastest-growing skills in the gig economy. —, 2018