Laptops may be sufficient for many modern workers, but they aren’t a perfect fit for everyone. Screens are often too small, the hardware can’t do intense computing tasks—there’s any number of reasons a portable computer isn’t enough.

The tradeoff doesn’t have to be a bulky, space-filling, cable catastrophe of a desktop, though: All-in-one computers exist that combine the power of a desktop with the minimal, clutter-free aesthetic of the laptop. These five machines, for example, each have a place in an office or work-from-home environment.

Dell OptiPlex 7090

Image: Dell

The OptiPlex 7090 is an all-in-one with a unique design: The entire computing unit is contained in the neck of a monitor stand. Pop off the cover and the computer can be removed and replaced with a newer model when the current one gets a bit sluggish. Even better, there’s no need to buy the optional monitor Dell offers, so you can save yourself a few dollars and use the one you, or your company, already has, provided it’s smaller than 40″.

HP All-in-One

Image: HP

Starting at just $449, the HP All-in-One is a steal for an all-in-one PC. Hidden inside its sleek design are easily upgradeable components, which isn’t always the case with all-in-one computers. It’s also available in multiple configurations and screen sizes, making it the closest you’ll get to an actual desktop in an all-in-one form factor that you’re going to find.


Apple iMac

Image: Apple

No all-in-one list would be complete without the iMac. Since Apple killed the iMac Pro, it’s the only all-in-one available to Apple users, and this latest generation of iMacs put its price roughly on par with an Apple laptop. Workers who are part of the Apple ecosystem won’t find a better all-in-one computer for work or home use.

Microsoft Surface Studio 2

Image: Microsoft

The price of the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 makes it almost prohibitively expensive for all but business purchases, but creative professionals looking for an all-in-one may want to ask the boss if they could have one. It has all the features of the popular Microsoft Surface devices in a 28″ screen, and its screen can be positioned in a bunch of angles, taking it from desktop to gigantic tablet in just a quick adjustment.

Lenovo A940 All in One Desktop

Image: Lenovo

The Lenovo A940 is a lot like the Surface Studio, only $1,000 cheaper. It also has something the Studio, and other all-in-one computers, lack: A built-in charging surface for its keyboard as well as a wireless charging pad for phones and mice, and a pen slot for charging and safe storage.