If you’re an executive, you probably have a harder time job-hunting than most IT workers. While there are plenty of Web sites that cater to people seeking IT jobs at every level, very few are targeted to executives who expect to earn more than $100,000 a year.

But one of the standouts in this area is 6FigureJobs.com , a meeting place for executives and recruiters. The site offers salaries beginning at $100,000 for well-paid job seekers, with a pre-screened pool of qualified talent for executive recruiters.

If you’re a CIO in search of a new, high-paying position, here’s what the site offers.

How it works
6FigureJobs.com is free to any job seeker. Becoming a member means submitting your resume and filling out a form detailing your current compensation package. Only members get mailings on unadvertised, higher-level jobs.

While all submissions are admitted to the resume database, only those meeting 6FigureJobs.com’s requirements, which include title, responsibilities, company size, salary, and experience, become full-fledged members. The company also considers an applicant’s potential to command a six-figure salary if their annual salaries are under $100,000.

6FigureJobs.com founder and president Christopher Miller said about 85 percent of the jobs are posted for public view. But for the select jobs, recruiters prefer to dive into the screened pool for talent.

“Recruiters don’t want to be bombarded with unqualified people for $250,000 openings,” Miller said.

6FigureJobs.com takes as much care with its members. If you want all your information to be released to recruiters, that’s fine. If you’re only disclosing your name and qualifications, you can do that as well. Or you may choose to reveal nothing of yourself but still be eligible to receive e-mail about the best jobs.

Who uses the site?
More than half a million people use the site each month, Miller said. It launched in February 1999, and the company has more than 40,000 resumes to show its 3,700 recruiter-members.

“We have literally hundreds of success stories, and that’s in the past few months,” he said. However, the company doesn’t actively track its success rate “because we don’t require people to check back with that [information].”

Miller said that executives also aren’t keen to tell people they found their job on the Internet. But recruiters have even more reason to keep mum, Miller said.

“Recruiters don’t want their clients to know,” he said. ”If they’re charging their clients $50,000, they don’t want them to know they found a person through us for a fraction of that.”

I got a taste of that desire for privacy when 6FigureJobs.com referred me to someone who had found a position through the site. More than once during the interview, this man—I’ll call him Executive X—paused to remind me not to mention his name or even the city where he found his new IT job.

Executive X acknowledged that few sites cater to high-paid job seekers. “There’s only one other site I know of that even comes close, and that’s headhunter.net,” he said. “Most of the rest of them just try to rope you in and charge you for consulting.”

He said he wouldn’t have come across the job if he hadn’t seen it on 6FigureJobs.com. “I came to the site a couple of times. I don’t remember how I found it, but it was less than a month before I found something,” he said.

“I only sent one e-mail, and I was on a plane less than three days later.”

Our review
If you were looking to define the phrase “cut to the chase,” you could use this site as an example; 6FigureJobs.com lacks fluff.

There are three main sections to the site:

  1. Executive Center
  2. Employers/Recruiters Center
  3. Career Resources

The streamlined design means it takes only seconds to reach any area of the site. And once you’re into the site, the framed navigation panel that runs along the bottom of each screen gets you where you want to go with a minimum of clicks.

Executive X agrees that the site is easy to use.

“If you don’t have a lot of time—I don’t and a lot of people don’t—you can just spend five minutes on there and see if there’s something you like,” he said.

In the Executive Center you can log in, submit your resume, find a recruiter and, most important of all, jump into the job search. You can search by keyword, category, job function and location, or just one of the four. Openings are listed in descending order by date.

I searched on the keyword “CIO” and pulled up 153 results within about 10 seconds. I tried again, narrowing my focus by pretending I wanted a job as a CIO with a banking, investment, or marketing firm in New York. In a few seconds, I came up with two hits. One was for a director of e-commerce at a New York advertising/marketing firm called Tidewater.

While I’m NOT in 6FigureJob.com’s executive pool, there was still an amazing depth of information about this job that’s available to anyone who comes to the site.

The Career Resources section, for example, lets users easily pull down data from allied sites like Homefair.com, for demographics information, and Hoover’s, for company profiles.

Planning a move across country? Try the calculators in the Relocation Tools section of Career Resources. You’ll find out what you need to earn in the new city to maintain your current standard of living. Wondering what the schools are like there? Check out the reports on over 12,000 school districts. Will you be moving into a hotbed of crime? Check the crime statistics. Looking for the perfect place to live? Compare more than 29,000 neighborhoods.

Also under Career Resources you’ll find recommended links, a reading list, and a Q&A section that answers questions posed by executive job seekers.

Overall impression
If I were a CIO or an executive of any stripe or pay scale, 6FigureJobs.com would be at the top of my short list of resources. Not only is the job-search feature easy to use, it also makes it effortless to begin corresponding with recruiters.

If you have a favorite site that you’d like us to review, please post a comment below or send us an e-mail.