The Bartesian cocktail maker was an attention getter at CES Unveiled.
Image: Teena Maddox/TechRepublic

The biggest draws of CES Unveiled this year were sex tech from Lora DiCarlo, a $7,000 Kohler smart toilet, and the Keurig of cocktail makers, the Bartesian.

CES Unveiled, which is a roundup of tech exhibits prior to the start of CES, was held on Sunday evening at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. CES officially begins on January 7 and runs through January 10, but it generally kicks off a couple of days earlier with events that give press and influencers a sneak peek at some of the tech that will be shown throughout the week.

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DiCarlo was on hand to show the newest products from her company. She received an innovation award for a sex tech product at CES 2019, only to have it revoked on the grounds of being “immoral, obscene, indecent, and profane.” The award was later reinstated. She said she worked with CTA to change their policies, and this year sex tech is allowed to be exhibited at CES if it can demonstrate that it’s new and emerging and innovative tech.

Her company has three products at CES this year, and all were on display at Unveiled: The Ose, the Onda, and the Baci. The Ose is a hands-free robotic massager designed for blended orgasms, the Onda is a robotic G-spot massager, and the Baci is a robotic clitoral stimulator.

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The next most popular booth was the Bartesian. It uses pods of juices, extracts, and bitters mixed with alcohol to create craft cocktails. The company’s CEO Ryan Close is a former bartender, and he took the Bartesian from an initial Kickstarter campaign to winning a CES 2020 innovation award.

Kohler’s exhibit drew attention with a $7,000 smart toilet, the Numi 2.0. It has ambient colored lighting, wireless Bluetooth music sync capability, a heated seat, and hands-free controls. It even has a personalized cleansing functionality and water efficiency. It will make you never want to leave the bathroom again. Kohler also featured an update to its Moxie shower head by adding in Alexa technology. The waterproof speaker attaches to Kohler’s shower head via magnets, and its emits a white noise-cancelling frequency so that it can be heard over the sound of running water.

Another exhibit at CES Unveiled was the Yummly Smart Thermometer from Whirlpool. It uses dual temperature sensors to simultaneously monitor food and oven temperatures, allowing users to track their cooking remotely with their smartphone and get alerts in real-time when their food is ready.

Cleer featured a lineup of new products, including a crescent-shaped home speaker, which received a CES 2020 innovation award. It will come in gold, silver, or black and has a smart assistant built in. HyperX showed off a new collection of gaming goods, from keyboards to headphones and gaming keyboards.

And then there was the usual assortment of the unusual and the unnecessary, from a flying gondola to a plethora of smart toothbrushes.

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The Yummly smart thermometer.
Image: Teena Maddox/TechRepublic