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In order to get an interview for your dream job, your resume needs to stand out among the strongest competition. The 2021 Complete Resume Builder Bundle will give you all the necessary tools, as well as advice on acing interviews and creating a first-rate LinkedIn profile.

If you have Microsoft Word or Pages on macOS, start with a lifetime subscription to Rezi AI-Powered Resume Writing Software Pro. You can create unlimited cover letters and resumes, which the cutting-edge software powered by artificial intelligence will help you tailor to specific job descriptions.

In an online course that is part of the bundle, you’ll get 100 resume templates and matching cover letter templates.

To boost your chances even further, the “Build the Best Resume + Linkedin Profile” course will give you secret tips and tricks to impress recruiters searching this top business platform. That includes guidance about SEO and publishing first-rate articles.

Impressive cover letters and resumes and a stellar LinkedIn profile are only half the battle–you still need to shine during your job interview. The “Learn to Interview Better than Anyone” class will help you understand how your interviewer is thinking, which words to avoid and which ones to use, how to best phrase your answers and more.

This 2021 Complete Resume Builder Bundle is usually offered for $3,115 but take advantage of the current 98% discount and get all of the courses today for just $39.99.

Prices subject to change.