Five years ago, University of Kentucky CTO Doyle Friskney realized that the campus’s classrooms mirrored those of other colleges: Lecture-based halls where students would sit and listen to a professor, with little interaction among one another.

Something had to change, Friskney said. “Millennials don’t necessarily like lecture classrooms as well as faculty members do–they like to work in groups, and they understand the concept of a virtual team, so the university began putting together active learning classrooms,” he added.

Today, the university has 18 of such classrooms, which allow students to collaborate with one another. In these classes, instruction tends to be project-based and problem-based, rather than lecture-based, Friskney said, and asks students to directly build upon knowledge they have gained in the past.

“You often will find there isn’t really a place for faculty to comfortable lecture from–faculty are encouraged to work with students wherever students are in the classroom,” Friskney said.