As more and more business is conducted on our phones, it becomes essential for us to be able to access the proper contacts and information needed to get our work done. However, if the mobile ecosystem you subscribe to doesn’t match up with your company’s email provider, things can get confusing.

For iPhone users who work for an organization that relies on G Suite, it’s actually pretty simple to port your Google account contacts to your smartphone. The process used to require third party apps to work smoothly, but there is now a built-in mechanism that makes it easy.

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Here’s how you can sync your Google contacts with your iPhone.

For starters, you’ll obviously need to have a Google account. Before you attempt to sync the account, make sure you have your account name and password handy–you’ll need them to complete the process.

Begin by tapping on the Settings app (the one that looks like a silver cog and gear) on your iPhone. Once in the Settings app, scroll down a bit and tap on the “Contacts” option.

On the Contacts page, tap the “Accounts” option at the very top of the page. On this page you will see all the email accounts you currently have set up on your phone. To add a new Google account, tap “Add Account” and, on the following page, tap “Google.”

At this point, you should be prompted to enter your username (usually your Gmail email address) and password. If you have enabled two-factor authentication, you will also need to follow prompts for that as well at this point. When you are done, tap “Next.”

When you are shown the account information, you will see which features are to be integrated. Make sure that “Contacts” has been tapped, and that the button has been selected with green behind it (see below).

Once you have finished this step, tap “Save” if you are prompted to do so, and then exit the app. When you next open your iPhone’s “Contacts ” app, the sync should begin.

If the sync does not occur as expected, Google recommends going back into your Settings to the Contacts page and making sure that “Contacts” is actually turned on. If it is, tap on the account name from the Contacts page, and the on option that says “Advanced.” From there, switch on the “Use SSL” option, and then back out and hit “Done” on the account page. If all else fails, try removing and readding the account.