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Yelp works best on a mobile phone where you can take full advantage of the app to find nearby restaurants, gas stations, stores, and other businesses. But if your phone isn’t handy, you can still use the Yelp app if you have an Apple Watch. The watch version is more limited compared with the mobile phone edition, but it can still prove useful.

Through Yelp’s Apple Watch app, you can select a specific listing, and you’ll find a description, review highlights, and a map that you can tap to generate turn-by-turn directions. Let’s check out Yelp’s Apple Watch app in action.

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If you already have Yelp on your iPhone but not on your Apple Watch, open the Watch app on your phone. On the My Watch screen, scroll down to the Available Apps section. Tap the Install button next to Yelp to add it to your Apple Watch. The app appears in the Installed On Apple Watch section (Figure A).

Figure A

Open the Yelp app on your watch. The first screen displays links to different categories of businesses, including Restaurants, Bars, Coffee & Tea, and Hot & New. Tap Restaurants, and the app seeks out local restaurants, telling you that it will tap you when it’s ready.

The first restaurant pops up in the list. Swipe down on the screen, and keep swiping to see each restaurant in the list. When you see a restaurant that intrigues you, tap its listing. Swipe down to see the full details on it, including the type of cuisine, hours open, location, review highlights, and full review. To get directions to the restaurant, tap the map. Your watch’s Maps app opens to provide you with turn-by-turn directions (Figure B).

Figure B

To see other types of businesses, return to the main screen. Tap the category for Bars, Coffee & Tea, or Hot & New. Swipe up and then down to see each individual listing. Tap a place that interests you to view its details, and tap its map to get directions (Figure C).

Figure C

If you have an Apple Watch Series 5, the Yelp app can make use of your watch’s built-in compass. When you view a business on your watch, a small compass symbol appears in the lower right of the screen pointing you to the location and telling you how far away it is.