The rise of cloud computing and teleconferences have made remote work and flexible schedules the new normal for global businesses, according to a recent report from Condeco Software.

Among US employers, 43% already offer remote work opportunities, and 49% allow employees to set their own hours, the report found. Another 43% of US employers surveyed said they plan to allow for more remote working in the next year, and only 9% said they plan to offer less.

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More than half (54%) of US companies said they offer remote work to increase retention, highlighting employee interest in such policies, the report found.

“The research clearly shows that businesses are in the process of transforming their workplaces digitally, which enables them to transform the way that they are used physically,” Paul Statham, CEO of Condeco, said in a press release. “Today’s technology allows for space to be used more flexibly and for employees to work remotely. This benefits businesses by maximizing office space, reducing costs and by keeping employees engaged and productive.”

Most businesses are undergoing digital transformation initiatives, but 60% of those surveyed worldwide reported concerns over the speed at which new technologies are reshaping their businesses, according to the report. The largest challenges businesses face over the next year include digital transformation (37%), and the adoption of new technology (35%). Access to talent supply (26%) and regulation and compliance (24%) were also top concerns.

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