37% of tech employees say they have witnessed or experienced sexism at work

Intel, Adobe, and Oracle employees reported to have experienced the most sexism in the workplace, according to a Blind report.

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Sexism in the workplace is a battle long fought by tech employees. Some 37% of all tech workers said they have either witnessed or experienced sexism at their current company, according to a recent Blind report.

The report surveyed nearly 8,000 tech employees, who were asked to answer True or False to the following statement: I have witnessed or experienced sexism at my current company. Respondents revealed many prominent tech companies have the highest percentages of employees answering affirmatively.

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The gender pay gap, which exists both in the office and with remote work, has always represented a greater disparity between men and women at work. Women are often overlooked for promotions, and overtly underestimated in the tech field. The report revealed many employees at top tech companies still face similar sexist actions.

The majority (59%) of respondents from Intel reported to have experienced or witnessed sexist acts at work. Intel was followed by Adobe (41%), Oracle (41%), and Microsoft (40%). Google had the lowest percentage of employees answering True at 26%, the report found.

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