9 hot software engineering jobs and the high salaries they command

Demand for developers has led salaries to skyrocket, according to a Hired report. Here are the top engineering jobs of the year.

The most in-demand programming languages and developer jobs across the globe

Businesses across all industries are making hiring developer talent a business priority, but the level of demand depends on the role, according to Hired's 2019 State of Software Engineers report, released Thursday.

The report surveyed more than 700 software engineers on the Hired platform, and analyzed proprietary data reflecting more than 170,000 interview requests and job offers over the past year.

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Global demand for blockchain developers skyrocketed over the past year, increasing 517% year over year, the report found. However, developers should not let the blockchain title put them off from applying for these roles: Engineers with expertise in blockchain typically hold titles such as back end engineer, systems engineer, or solutions architect, with blockchain being listed as a desired skill for the role, according to the report.

The growing demand for blockchain talent makes sense, as the technology begins to move from buzzword to actual implementation.

"There was an explosion of demand in the past 12 months for developers with blockchain skills and we expect demand to continue growing as businesses begin implementing their countless use cases, from digital identity and smart contracts to workforce management and distributed data storage," the report stated.

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Security engineers are also in great demand, due to greater numbers of high-profile data breaches and increasing consumer security concerns, according to the report. Demand for security engineers increased 132% over the past year, it found.

Here are the nine most in-demand software engineering jobs across the globe, and their growth year over year, according to the report:

  1. Blockchain engineer (517%)
  2. Security engineer (132%)
  3. Embedded engineer (76%)
  4. Data engineer (38%)
  5. Back end engineer (33%)
  6. Machine learning engineer (27%)
  7. Mobile engineer (15%)
  8. Full stack engineer (7%)
  9. Front end engineer (4%)

Increasing engineer salaries

As demand for engineering talent increases, salaries do as well, according to the report. In the large tech hubs analyzed in the report, blockchain engineers were among the three highest-paid positions, bringing in an average of $155,000 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Other high-paying positions in the Bay Area include search engineer ($157,000), security engineer ($156,000), natural language processing engineer ($155,000), machine learning engineer ($153,00), and data engineer ($151,000).

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