Stand up desks are trendy. Businesses and employees are learning office furniture, and the way work areas are organized, make a difference in comfort, productivity, and health. Yet, little effort is often dedicated to setting up one’s office or cubicle. Let’s take a look at some of the stand and display options that exist for Apple users.


As a technology consultant, I see iPhones placed flat on desks, propped against speakers, and even leaning precariously against computer displays. Twelve South’s HiRise Deluxe, for $34.00 (USD), offers a graceful pedestal that provides a more secure and professional method of viewing one’s iPhone. In addition to serving double duty — the stand not only holds an iPhone or iPad mini at an attractive viewing angle but also charges the device when docked — the handy stand assists in properly positioning devices for eye-level FaceTime calls.


Tablets, of course, have changed the way employees view, access, and enter information. Desks and office furniture haven’t really kept pace with those changes. Products such as Twelve South’s BookArc for iPad, which sells for $29.00 (USD) retail, can help. The attractive, arched stand matches iPad designs and offers an improved viewing angle, while also protecting it from common spills.

Just Mobile’s UpStand for iPad, which costs $49.0 (USD), offers an alternative iPad mount. The aluminum stand boasts an easel design that raises an iPad securely several inches, while positioning the iPad to display at a pleasing angle. Raising an iPad in such a manner also simplifies adding and using a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard.

Displays and iMacs

Several options are available to Mac users seeking to remove displays from their desks in favor of wall mounting. Bretford’s Adjustable MobilePro Wall Mount, for $139.00 (USD), has an articulating arm that folds to a three-inch depth or extends outward 15 inches. It also has a silver aluminum look that matches Apple’s Cinema Displays and boasts VESA-compliance, ensuring it will work with a variety of other displays. Cable management clips help reduce wiring clutter. iMac and Thunderbolt display owners will also need Apple’s VESA mount adapter kit but should otherwise find the mount works equally well with those devices, too.


Bretford’s MobilePro Desk Mount Combo, for $239.00 (USD), permits mounting a Thunderbolt display and MacBook Pro or Air on an elegantly designed pole. This design also matches that of its corresponding Apple components. Both the display and the laptop’s mounting heights and positions can be customized, thereby achieving an optimal configuration that also frees desk space. Alternatively, the Bretford equipment can be configured to hold a pair of displays.

Users seeking only to raise the height of their MacBook Pro can leverage Rain Design’s mStand for just $49.00 (USD). The stand raises the notebook approximately six inches. The stand also includes a cable organizer to help coordinate wiring clutter.

And if you’re really ready for that stand up desk, users committed to health and catching the fad are in luck. Ergotron’s WorkFit-P Sit-Stand Workstation only costs $299.00 (USD) and allows users to mount and adjust the height of a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. The sturdy and Apple design-compatible height-adjustable stand features a convenient-sized shelf that holds the computer, leaving sufficient spare space to also accommodate a mouse or trackpad.

What kind of stand or display options do you use for your Apple devices? Share your experience in the discussion thread below.