In a rapidly changing software developer job market, it’s important to keep track of the most in-demand programming languages and framework technologies to keep your skills up to date. In a Thursday blog post, coding bootcamp Coding Dojo gathered data on the top 25 “unicorn” companies in the US—that is, those that are privately held and valued at more than $1 billion—to determine what tech skills it takes to work for one of these businesses.

Among the 25 companies studied are Airbnb, SpaceX, Epic Games, and Slack.

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When it comes to the most-used development framework technologies, ReactJS came in at no. 1, with 24% of unicorn companies hiring talent with that skillset. It was followed by NodeJS and Hadoop, which tied for second at 14%.

Further down the list came Django (8%), Flask (8%), and PyTorch (3%), indicating a rise in Python usage among developers—not a surprise, as Python frequently tops lists of the most popular programming languages and the fastest-growing coding languages, due in part to the explosion of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data science in the enterprise, and the large developer community around it.

Here are the 16 most-used framework technologies among top unicorn companies in the US, according to Coding Dojo:

  1. ReactJS (24%)
  2. NodeJS (14%)
  3. Hadoop (14%)
  4. Flask (8%)
  5. Django (8%)
  6. AngularJS (5%)
  7. Redux JS (3%)
  8. PyTorch (3%)
  9. Dropwizard (3%)
  10. Play (3%)
  11. CodeIgniter (3%)
  12. Unity3D (3%)
  13. Foundation (3%)
  14. Spring (3%)
  15. Spark (3%)
  16. Tensorflow (3%)

“While most of these technologies will be familiar to any working developer, individuals looking to work at these unicorn companies would do well to learn them,” Donovan An, Coding Dojo’s director of West Coast campus operations, said in the post.

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