Collaboration software company Slack has introduced a new global services partner program for the enterprise.

The program provides companies with technical training, sales enablement, and go-to-market support.

Companies that participate in the program use Slack to help consolidate workflows, access information and align their teams. On average, customers that pay for Slack typically spend more than nine hours each day connected to the service, including about 90 minutes actively using Slack. Some of the ways they use the popular collaboration software include rolling out new business processes and facilitating new employee behaviors.

“As the market continues to adapt to new ways of working, we are seeing unprecedented growth in the demand for services that enable customers to leverage Slack to drive organization-wide transformation,” said Richard Hasslacher, Slack’s head of global channel and alliances, in a written statement. “We are expanding our focus to partner with a new wave of companies that extend and supplement our services capabilities across all industries.”

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First global services partners

Slack’s initial set of participating partners offer a range of services, including solution design, business process optimization, change management, and end-user adoption.

Initial US partners include:

  • Robots & Pencils—With offices throughout North America and London, Robots & Pencils helps companies build integrations on the Slack platform to drive digital innovation and collaboration across the enterprise.
  • Cprime—This company blends Agile, Atlassian, and cloud expertise to help teams define new ways to collaborate and achieve better outcomes with Slack.
  • Onix—This company serves organizations across North America, and helps organizations change the way they work using the Slack platform.

“Because the adoption of Slack is so high among end users, introducing Slack into a company’s toolset opens up the opportunity to roll out new processes,” a Slack representative noted. “Our initial set of participating partners offer a broad range of services, including solution design, business process optimization, change management and end-user adoption.”

Slack provides a single place for messaging, tools and files, to save time and collaborate with each other. Within the Slack system there are sites, channels and direct messages. “Channels” can be divvied up by team, project, client or anything else relevant to your organization, “team members” can join and leave channels as needed, unlike lengthy email chains. “Threads” keep side conversations fro derailing the topic or project at hand.

Detailed collaboration

Users have the ability to collaborate beyond colleagues, and share with companies and businesses, clients, vendors and partners and bring everyone into the same room. “Face-to-face and -screen” refers to voice or video calls directly from Slack, users can also share screens. It also includes integrated file sharing, with drag-and-drop PDFs, images, videos and other files directly into slack. Colleagues can give feedback and create an archive.

Slack, used by more than 85K paid teams and boasting 10 million daily active users, has strategic partners which include Google Cloud, salesforce, servicenow, Atlassian, workday, oracle, SAP.

Apps, existing and customizable

The Slack App Directory has more than 1,500 apps which can be integrated into Slack. Users can also build an app using Slack’s APIs to optimize the tools you rely on.


It offers security and protection, compliance to security standards including SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, and HIPAA; single-sign-on via industry standard authentication protocols; support for two-factor authentication; encryption of data in transit and at rest, and integrated with best-in-class DLP, EMM, eDiscovery, and archival partners.

Slack uses proprietary Slack to keep data secure, but also partner with major security and compliance companies to meet shared customers’ requirements.

Image: iStockphoto/oatawa