The Amazon Echo’s built-in voice assistant, Alexa, is all over the place these days. Don’t say that name too loud if you don’t want to set off someone’s device.

Here are the top five things to know about it:

1. Alexa is machine learning in action. It’s one of the most successful applications of AI so far. Wanna keep an eye on what this much-hyped technology can actually do? Keep an eye on the Amazon Echo.

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2. It’s easy. Amazon provides a site called where you can try it out for free, but an Amazon Echo Dot is about $50 and Amazon sells six packs which get you a bulk discount. To set one up, you turn it on and put an app on your phone. Then just talk to it.

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3. It’s invading homes. In a good way. Microsoft, Google, and Apple are all trying to become the platform that runs the smart home. For people with an Amazon Echo or two, Amazon already won.

4. It can help you find things. Alexa skills, which are kind of like apps, can find your phone, call you a ride on Uber or Lyft, and even make a reservation at a restaurant on OpenTable.

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5. It’s spreading. Amazon recently made the Alexa voice service API available to developers, allowing for integration in non-Amazon devices. At CES we saw it in TVs, robots, loads of smart speakers, a refrigerator, and even cars.

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Just be careful when you say the trigger word and maybe turn off default ordering. Or you may end up with a pair of skis delivered to your house accidentally.

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